Our Products

  • Amarbond AD 101

    Its a slow curing solvent free medium viscosity epoxy resin system used for bonding metals, ceramics, vulcanized rubber, plastic etc., to themselves or to other materials, it general, it has good bond strength and is resistant to certain chemicals.

  • Amarbond AD 201

    Its a fast curing solvent free low viscosity epoxy resin system extensively used in the electronic industries for topping of capacitors, encapsulation of printed circuit boards, loading coils, resistors, and other electronic components.

  • Amarfil Grade II

    Its a formulated epoxy compound duly filled with a suitable inert filler under vacuum. AMARFIL resin component when mixed with hardener forms into a hard infusible mass. It is pourable consistency material ideal for crack or gap filling in concrete roofs, pipes and joints, pot hole repairs in concrete floors, arresting shearing of bolt pockets especially in gantry crane operational areas.

  • Amardite Super Glue

    Its a formulated high strength structural epoxy adhesive. It is cold curing, flexible, thixotropic and excellent gap filling paste.

  • Amarcrete Bondcoat

    Its a sandwich adhesive glue line between old and new concrete / plaster which improves adhesion considerably. It is brush coated prior to pouring fresh concrete / plaster over the existing concrete making them monolithic and creating a vapor barrier. This would not only increase the bond but would also take care of the likely shrinkage that could occur at the time of curing of fresh concrete.

  • Amarseal Mortar HD

    Its a formulated epoxy mortar which can be used for grouting of heavy machinery, bearings, bolt pockets, base plates, filling pot holes, oil and ware resistant floors.

  • Amarseal Mortar AR

    Its a chemical resistance epoxy mortar which is used widely for the protection of floors, drains, tanks, beams and columns. They are widely used in chemical, petrochemicals, distilleries, sugar factories, battery rooms, steel plants, power plants, electro plating, STP, ETP and other related industries.

  • Amarbond Polycon

    Its a high strength, rapid cure polymer concrete specially created for extensive use to build up thicknesses in concrete runways, gangways, bridge decks, spillway in dams, stilling basin, crest gate curvatures and a host of other applications. This four component system provides excellent strength , corrosion resistance against all types of alkalies, mild acids and with stands heavy trolley movement up to 8 - 10 tons after complete cure.

  • Amarkot SF

    Its a solvent free, two component, unpigmented epoxy resin system extensively used to protect concrete floors, drains tanks, structural steel, underside of roof slabs, exhaust fans against acids, alkalies and their vapors.

  • Amarbond Adhesive Paste

    Its a solvent free two pack epoxy compound used for bonding similar or dissimilar materials. It is thick viscous paste also used in the furniture industry to bond plywood. It shows good heat resistance.

  • Amar Bondit

    It is a specially formulated tile adhesive and grout used for all tiling applications.

  • Amarpat Gelcoat

    Its a specially formulated adhesive which is used for pattern and tooling in the jigs and fixture industry.